Selecting Topics and Researching: “The Historical, Literary, Pyschological, and Physical”

When writing about an issue, do your research.  Most issues can be approached from numerous perspectives. The new media writer can explore the historical context of an issue both in text and as visual representations.  A writer can explore literary depictions of an issue, such as the guest blog post “Abortion in Literature” ( where Sarah Flint Erdreich (4/28/11) identifies six novels in which the issue of abortion is portrayed. Also, a writer can explore the psychological and/or physical aspect of an issue, examining the impact of a person or an event on individuals, a cultural group, a city, or a nation.  Do not limit yourself to definition and description–seek out unique perspectives from which to examine an issue–and your audience will be compelled to read it.  (For further information read Chapter 7 in The New Media Writer–our MCO 2342 textbook.)

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