SPC 1301-01 Assignments

Your SPC 1301-01 assignments will be posted here.  Please read them thoroughly–and remember–we will discuss each one in class before you begin working on them!

DUE:  Tuesday, August 26:  Create Twitter Account; “follow” NPR, New York Times, Al Jazeera English, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed;  Bring THREE examples of tweets you found intriguing and decided to link to for more information.


Project #1:  Speech of Introduction (Elevator Speech)  SPC1301-ElevatorSpeech-SP2014

Videos:  Elevator Speech         Easy Speed Networking Method

——–> How to Sell Yourself (Craig Valentine)

——–> Grading Rubric:  Elevator Speech Rubric  (use for self & peer edit)

“How to Make a Video Resume”:  Video Resume (5 Components)

  •  Each Video Resume SPEAKER need 3 Peer Reviews (in-class workshop) –  Video Resume Peer Edit Sheet
  • To turn in your Video Resume:  Send an email to Dr. CJG:  cjohnson07@txwes.edu  and in “Subject” line type “Video Resume SPC 1301-Final”

  • In-class Reflection:  1) What did you learn about your video from your peers?  2) What will you change in your final video?  3)  How do you feel about the process of peers reviewing your video resume? Reflection Video Resume Peer Edit

Project #2:  Informational Speech:   See assignment  handed out in class.

Project #3:  Zeega Presentation :   SPC1301–Zeega Multimedia Reporting

Select one of the following approaches to your Zeega assignment:

1)  Use it like a PowerPoint & speak along with it [embodied] (using it as background),


2) Let it stand alone (disembodied), then interact with your audience–getting their “take” on your Zeega–and, subsequently, explaining your process and meaning.

Be sure to incorporate cognitive dissonance–juxtapose opposing images–complicate the message–make your audience “think” and “question” your message.

Zeega Rubric

Twitter Project for Week 8 through Week 13:  Weekly Twitter Posts – Assignment

Project #4:  Persuasive Speech Using Modern Appeals:  Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

For Tuesday, October 28:   Read Chapter 15 (in Tab 7 of your textbook) [50 pts]

Answer the following questions–put your name at top of paper and type answers on a sheet of paper. Be sure to put numbers by your answers.

1)  What are the five stages of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence – describe each stage in 2-3 sentences.

2)  What are the Modern Appeals that speakers can use to persuade?   Name each of the four modern appeals and describe them in 3-4 sentences.

3)  Select two modern appeals that you think are particularly effective  and connect them to The Hierarchy of Needs.  Using both the definition of the modern appeal and the meaning of the level(s) it connects to in the Hierarchy of Need, write four to five sentences for each pair describing how they could be used in an argument.

For example:  Appeal to Harmony (a modern appeal)  might connect to Social Needs (in the Hierarchy of Needs)—You might describe a possible persuasive argument in which the audience collectively agrees with the speaker (persuader) in an effort to avoid conflict or because of peer pressure and trying to fit in.

Be sure you understand these concepts–you will be using them in your next speech assignment, which will be to persuade an audience to do something using one of the modern appeals.  I will hand that assignment out on Tuesday.

Speech Assignment Sheet- SPC 1301 Persuasive Speaking Using Modern Appeals   (DUE Tuesday, 11/11/14)

Fill out pages 2 & 3 of your assignment sheet to turn in with your outline/notes.  (10 points of your grade)

Justin Bieber ProActive Commercial using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Sample Persuasive Speech Need/Solution (“The Ultimate Gift”)

peer-review-MODERNpersuasive-speech-rubric   (Peer Review Thursday, 11/6/14)

SELF-review-modernpersuasive-speech-rubric  (DUE with your speech)

 Project #6:  Listening, Communication, Body Language
READ: Chapter 12, “Listening”

Take-Home Quiz:  DUE Nov. 18
1)  Name the five components of the Listening Process and describe in two-three sentences.
2)  Name the four types of listening, describe briefly, and write 10-15 sentences reflecting on how you listen to family, friends, and instructors (which types of listening do you use with each group?)





















Archived Assignments———————————————————————————

Project #6 –  Listening, Communication, Body Language

Project #7 –  Multicultural Communication


-Project #2 – SPC 1301 – Project #2 – Performance – Remix

——–> Zeega.com (Check out Zeegas — they change every day!)

——–>  Other resources for ideas:  Gifs.com  Forgifs.com  Giphy.com

Project #3 – SPC1301-Panel Presentation Assignment-SP2014

Project #4 –SPC 1301 Speaking to Persuade Assignment SP2014

——->  SAMPLE  Persuasive Speech

——->  Peer Edit form:  Peer Review Persuasive Speech Rubric

——->  Self Critique form:  Self-Critique Persuasive Speech Rubric

——->  Try Google News for at News.Google.com

ject #8 – Pecha Kucha Speeches – Pecha Kucha Final Presentation F2014

——->  Select PK Topic – Assignment Supplement  (Use this sheet to help you find a topic for your Pecha Kucha)

——-> Twitter Research:  “Search” and “Ask” Worksheet:  Search and Ask Worksheet for Twitter

——-> Pecha Kucha Video – Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”


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