Month: January 2014

Annotated Bibliography – Tweet Your Topic

Hi (Journalism/PR) Students:

Your annotated bibliography provides you with an opportunity to explore interesting issues typically covered by professional journalists.  Using various data bases, texts, and visual media, you will build a body of knowledge to support subsequent course projects, like your Zeega project and print news report.  Please reply to this blog post with information about your topic.  Do not forget to tweet your topic to #mcotxwes so that your fellow student colleagues can tweet any cool info they find on twitter to our hashtag (#mcotxwes) or to your personal twitter handle.  Write & Research On!

Seeking the Zen of Grammar

My communication students and I are on a quest—we are seeking the Zen of grammar.  As we progress along our journey, we will share the resources we find most helpful.   Here are a few we have recently uncovered:  Working with Words, by Brooks, Pinson, and Wilson; Aim for the Heart, by Al Thompkins; and Writing Tools, by Roy Peter Clark.  Join us on our journey—please share any grammar tools you have found to be easily accessible to young journalists.

Welcome Students – Spring 2014

This will be a semester full of exploration, excitement, and reflection.  I welcome you to my classes this spring where we will explore the ways in which we create ourselves in text and and online spaces, find new ways to examine our world, and reflect about the meanings of our ideas, ourselves, and others. Please bring a sense of wonder, an inquisitive mind, and a backpack full of craziness–it’s going to be fun!