cropped-carol-2015-3.jpgWelcome to Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas’ blog and website. To contact use: cjohnson07@txwes.edu.  @cjgtxwes   cjgerendas.tumblr.com

Dr. Johnson-Gerendas is an Associate Professor of Communication and Director of the Liberal Studies Program at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Johnson-Gerendas holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Texas Woman’s University where she earned a master’s degree in English/Literature and a bachelor’s degree in English.  At Texas Wesleyan University, she is a member of the Learning Community Advisory Council, the Goostree Committee, the General Education Core Committee, and the Board of Trustees Development Committee.  She teaches professional and persuasive writing, speech, and communication for the Mass Communication Department at Wesleyan.

Her research interests include rhetorical theory, new media writing pedagogies, discourse analysis, and the rhetoric of women and poverty.  She enjoys teaching writing with new media at all levels.  She loves research, reading, gardening, biking, and especially spending time with family and friends—and her dog, Caesar.