MCO 2342 Assignments

Facebook-LikesYour MCO 2342 assignments will be posted or linked here.  Please read them thoroughly–and remember–we will discuss each one in class before you begin working on them!


August 27:  5 Things that Describe You &  In-Class Discussion and Writing  “Dismaland”

September 1: Twitter Assignment: Weekly-twitter-posts-and-retweets-f2015 Assignment
Week 3 through Week 7 (Total 5 weeks of posts)

Annotated Bibliography Assignment:  Annotated Bibliography Assignment Fall 2015
DUE:  Midterm (Week 8) & Final
Topics for Annotated Bibliographies:  

  • Celebrity News & Scandal:   PED’s in Sports (Michael), Beyonce (Lamarcus),
    Taylor Swift (Melanie), Nicki Minaj (Marisol), Bruce Jenner (Alejandra)
  • Political & Governmental News:  Government Conspiracy (Antonio), Illuminati
    (Jessica), Black Lives Matter (Miracle), GMOs (Dalise)
  • Accidents & Incidents:  Video Games/Rise of E-Sports (Dalton),
    Video Games MMO(Jared), Gaming in South Korea (Cenk)
  • Crime, Violence, & Drugs:  Violence & Animals [Zoos] (Valerie), Marijuana Legalization
    (Ricardo), College Students & Drug Use (Victoria), Media Violence – Pit Bulls (Bri)

New Media Writer textbook Chapter 1 key concepts rhetorical tetrahedron

 New Media Writer Chapter 7Research – Read 217-220 (Johnny Depp),
Aspects:  Historical, Literary, Psychological, Physical, Environmental

New Media Writer  Chapter 7Researching Elements – 221-230
Elements: Subject, Purpose, Audience, Influence, Details, Genre, Typography, Color, Composition Techniques
Watch:  “Everything’s a Remix” (Youtube):  (Note: “multiple discoveries” concept at end of documentary)
Note from “Everything’s a Remix” documentary:  (For free photos:;  (Henry Ford’s quote);  (“Evolution: Copy, Transform, Combine”: “LUCA: Last Universal Common Ancestor”); (“Social Evolution: Copy, Transform, Combine”: “Memes–most dominant ideas of our time”;); (Intellectual Property & Loss Aversion versus the Common Good).

New Media Elements for PowerPoint  (Create a Meme!) Assignment

Pulgars Design  (NMW Page 226-227) Research Chicago Teen’s Design for parking decal contest. [Image: chicago]

Due Sep 15:  MCO 2342 Research Topic & Writing Workshop  [2 Images and 2 Journal Articles + Summaries; This assignment will help you start your annotated bibliography]
Due Sep 24: MCO 2342 Video Analysis Using Rhetorical Appeals  [This Video Analysis assignment replaces the Flyer assignment in the syllabus – due on the same date]

Group 1:  Victoria, Michael, Valerie, Briana (Working With Words, Sections 3 & 4)
DUE 9/22 —  3: Use the right form of the word; 4: Use the right word
Group 2:  Alejandra, Ricardo, Cenk, Jared, Dalton (Working With Words, Section 5)
DUE 9/29 —  5: Punctuate according to sentence grammar
Group 3:  Lamarcus, Antonio, Miracle, Jessica (Working with Words, Sections 1 & 2)
DUE 10/20 —  1: Make sure your words agree and go together; 2: Words are in the right order
Group 4:  Dalise and Melanie
DUE 10/27–  Introductory Phrases, Prepositional Phrases

Make this grammar assignment fun!   Present the concepts in your sections using your own words, incorporate a few slides to make it interesting, and show a video that you think explains your concepts in a creative way.  Have a handout with key examples that you create as a group.

HOW TO CITE IN APA:  “Easy Bib”  !!!!!!

For Thursday, September 24–READ:  “Critical Analysis of Blogging in Public Relations”  Michael Kent, in Public Relations Review 34 (2008) 32-40.
Focus especially on pages 36-38.  Be able to describe why blogs are useful tools for “issue framing,” and be able to identify how blogs are dialogic.  Also, note their strengths and weaknesses.

DUE 10/1:  Blog Analysis Assignment:Blog Rhetorical Analysis Assignment
iew TED Talk: “The Three A’s of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha (2010);  View blog: “1000 Awesome Things”

October 6:  DUE:  Annotated Bibliography — (upload to your WordPress website)  Be ready to share in class
——->Grammar Workshop         ——-> Blogging in Public Relations (Quiz)

October 8:  WordPress Website Workshop

October 13:  Read Chapter 3 & 4:  Visual Rhetoric & Media Convergence & Rhetoric  – In-class discussion and exercise
——->Blog Assignment:  Blog Research and Information – In Public Relations-2  (Check final slide for assignment)

October  15:  Writing Workshop for Blog Assignment

October 20:  Grammar Lesson
——->Avoiding Sexist and Racist Language 

Sexism in entertainment media:  “Disney: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me”
Sexism in entertainment media:  “TEDTalk: ‘The Hidden Meanings in Kids’ Movies’
Sexism in News Media in 2012    and   How the Media Failed Women in 2013
Everyday Sexism (Ted Talk with Laura Bates, 2014)

“Dear White People”  (2014 Movie Trailer and article on NPR Blog)
Tim Wise: On White Privilege
We Need to Talk about Racism
Sister Citizen:  Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America
TEDTalks:  Dr. Lisa Nakamura–5 Types of Online Racism and Why You Should Care

October 22:  Attend the Clock Tower event and post 3 tweets about the event (DURING the event)

October 27:  Position Statement Assignment [Nov 10]:  MCO 2342 – Position Statement Assignment
October 29:  Position Statement Workshop  (Review Position Statements Below, Develop a Position Statement for an Organization Related to the Topic You Have Been Researching
Read Chapter 8: Story Development (Argument)
Position Statement Examples:

Links to Press Release / Position Statement Sources:

Six Components of a Press Release
Nine Components of a Press Release
Sample Press Release:  CDC
CDC Press Release – Ebola       CDC Press Kit

Feature Story or Opinion (Op Ed) Resources [For Rambler Students] — Interesting Articles:

How to Write an Op-Ed (Duke University)
Write an Op Ed
Five Key Components of a Feature Story
Media Studies CA – Features–Hard News–SoftNews

Drive readers to your press release or feature story:  

1) first, tweeting the title of your piece,
2) second, tweet a quote from your piece (interesting fact, etc.),
3) third, pose a question.
(adapted from “How to drive more traffic to your blog” by Dorie Clark, 11/01/2013,

November 3:  IN-CLASS – Peer Edit Position Statement/Press Release

November 5:  Discuss Podcasts –  Begin Podcast Assignment   ocvotecom

Voices.Com:  “Travel Commercial Scripts”
Voices.Com:  “Entertainment Scripts”
Voices.Com:  “Events & Special Occasion Scripts”
Scripting Podcasts: Three Tips for Writing

November 10:  DUE: Position Statement   –   IN-CLASS: Workshop for Podcast

November 12, 17, and 19:  Individual Writing/Tutoring Sessions

November 24:  DUE”  Podcasts Presentations

December 1:  WordPress Check  –  All Assignments Uploaded

1) Meme; 2) Video Analysis; 3) Image & Article Analysis; 4) Blog Anaysis;
5)Blog Post (Issue Framing); 6) Position Statement (or Feature Story);
7) Podcast Press Release; 8) Final Annotated Bibliography

FINAL –  WordPress Blog Presentation & Final Annotated Bib
Thursday, December 3, 10:30-12:30 p.m.  –  EJW B24 



TWITTER “SEARCH” AND “ASK” – WORKSHEET:  Search and Ask Worksheet for Twitter

—–>  Twitter:   Asking Questions  @answerme 

—–>  Hashtag History and Usage (Organizing World’s Hashtags)     Most Popular Hashtags

—–>*****      Twubs (Hashtag search)

—–>  Hashtag Analytics  (for example:  “cannibus”) (Create and Research Hashtag Definitions)

—–>   Top 100 books you should read before you die.

—–>  What the Trend?


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