SPC 1301 LCA

Course Description:

Speech 1301 is a beginning course in platform theory and practice designed to provide instruction in the essentials of effective public oral communication, as well as principles of human communication. This learning community course includes the use of Web 2.0 technologies to advance student skills in multimodal/web presentations.  In this course, students develop skills in public speaking (research, outlining, and presentation), how to overcome fear and nervousness, how to analyze audiences, and how to prepare speeches using multiple media platforms.  Also, students learn the principles of interpersonal communication in groups and communication mediated through technology.   Students are encouraged to select topics related to their majors.  Student learn both speaking and listening  (oral and aural) skills and effective methods for responding to audience questions, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication basics.

Learning Community Thematic Connections:

Dr. Johnson-Gerendas and Dr. Dunn Campbell will be using integrative assignments to foster deep learning and collaboration within your learning community this semester.  Our two courses are linked by the theme “Exploring, Engaging, and Resisting:  Taking a Position in an Uncertain and Dynamic World,” and we’re looking forward to seeing the ways that you connect your work in your writing course and your speech course.  You will have opportunities to engage in a personal study of your own positionality as you try different forms of argumentation in both written and oral communication.  We are excited to join you on this journey as you explore different rhetorical strategies and analyze how they affect you and your intended audiences.  Your writing course and your speech course will offer several integrative assignments and will conclude with a final project demonstrating collaboration, undergraduate research, and multimodal communication, culminating in a pecha-kucha presentation.



Sample Expo Opening Speech – Mac World iPhone with Steve Jobs

Best Speech Ever Made–Charlie Chaplin

How to Give Welcome Remarks

President Clinton’s Nominating Speech 2012

Michelle Obama Speech 2012 DNC

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