Speech Assignments

SPC 1301-03 & SPC 1301-04 ASSIGNMENTS

Your Speech assignments will be posted here.  Please read them thoroughly–and remember–we will discuss each one in class before you begin working on them!  Look for videos related to your speech assignments on the main course web page.

Quiz over syllabus:  

  1. Name two student responsibilities you think are important.
  2. How many unexcused absences are you allowed for this class?
  3. When is your first assignment due?_____________________________________________________________________________________

Twitter Assignment: Follow 5 news media outlets and tweet their @names to #spc3txwes (SPC1301-03) or #spc4txwes (SPC1301-04) 

–> Weekly-twitter-posts-and-retweets-f2015 Assignment

Project #1:  Drafting “Speech of Introduction”  PC1301-ElevatorSpeech-Fall2015 Assignment

Develop “Speech of Introduction”  —  In-Class Workshop: Speed Networking

Elevator Pitch-Introducing Yourself – A New Way

Project #2:  Video Resume  (Vesumes–or “Video Profiles”) 

In class, when we start this project, Dr. CJG will show some student samples of video resumes

Create a 1 minute video resume using the criteria below.
“Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes”
“How to Make a Video Resume(YouTube)
CRITERIA:  (5 Components below adapted from above video)
1. Introduction:  Introduce yourself and say what position your are applying for.
2. Brief description of your school/work experience: “I have three years of experience doing . . .”
3. What makes you stand out in your current or last role/job?
4. What makes you unique?  What are your values and what is your passion?
5. Closing statement: “If you are looking for a focused, organized, and highly motivated individual, I’m your candidate.”

Sample video resumes and other video resume resources from YouTube:
“Short Video Resume”
“Sample Video CV”
About Careers: “Video Resume Tips”

To turn in your Video Resume:  Send an email to Dr. CJG:  cjohnson07@txwes.edu  and in “Subject” line type “Video Resume SPC 1301” with a link to your video on youtube or make other arrangements with me–do not email me your actual video!!!!  It will jam my email account.

Project #3:   Informational Speech – Panel Presentation Assignment  SPC1301-Informative Speech Panel Assignment-Fall2015

Informational Speech Schedule (changed from syllabus):
9/21 & 9/23:  Research & Introduction workshops
9/28:  Outline and Conclusion workshop
9/30:  PowerPoint workshop:  SPC – Presentations & Zen methodology
10/5 & 10/7:  Practice & Record with mini-projectors
10/12 & 10/14:  DUE:  Speech & Packet (Assignment sheets & Typed Formal Outline)


Project #4:  Persusuasive Speech – Monroe Motivated Sequence  SPC 1301 Persuasive Speaking Using Modern Appeals 

Justin Bieber Monroe’s Motivated Sequence   (Commercial Using Monroe Motivated Sequence)
“The Ultimate Gift”  (Example of Persuasive Speech showing a “Need” and “Solution”)

QUIZ:  Persuasive Speech Quiz  Quiz- Persuasive Speech – Use Your Textbook   DUE:  Monday, October 26
Research Your Topic, Bring 3 research articles & Draft Outline about your topic to class
DUE :Monday, October 26
Read Chapter 15 (Tab 7), especially about Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, pps. 342-345
Plus:  Persuasive Outline Format:  pp. 371
Strategies: pp 373
Introduction & Conclusion: pp 377

Practice Presentation & Peer Edit – October 28
Worksheet:  Monroe Motivated Sequence – Worksheet for Outline
utline/Presentation Peer Critique:  Monroe’s Motivated Sequence- Evaluator Critique

PRESENT Project #4 – Persuasive Speech – November 2-4

Project #5: Pecha Kucha Presentation ( Begin Nov 9):  Pecha Kucha Presentation Assignment Fall2015  

November 9 & 11:  Pecha Kucha Workshop

November 16:  Peer Edit Workshop In-Class  Pecha Kucha – Peer Edit
Watch Video about Pecha Kucha
:  “Pecha Kucha Dallas-Fort Worth”  (YouTube)

November 18:   Practice & Self-Edits In Class

Timed & Recorded Presentations In-Class 

November 30:  PRESENT Pecha Kucha (begin FINAL)

SPEECH 1301-03 FINAL:  Tuesday, December 8, 1:00-3:00 p.m

SPEECH 1301-04 FINAL:   Friday, December 4, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

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