ASE 1311-05 – Spring ’15

Course Description

This course is designed to help you succeed as a college student. We will address issues related to the successful transition from an international high school or university to Texas Wesleyan University, campus resources, college-level study skills, time management, interdependence, goal-setting, multiple intelligences, American culture (and American college culture), and other issues relevant to your journey as a college student. We will engage in collaborative learning activities, reading and class discussion, field investigations, writing, reflection, and presentation. Our objective is to use this class to stay on track and directed on a path toward graduation and self-worth.

Syllabus and Calendar:    ASE 1311 05 Syllabus SPRING 2015 CJG 26Jan2015 (MSWord)

ASE 1311 05 Syllabus SPRING 2015 CJG 26Jan2015 (PDF)

Special Links:

Who Are You?  (from Alice in Wonderland)  (First day – Fill out Student Info Sheets)

Assignments Will Be Listed Here After Being Handed Out in Class (see Syllabus as well):

Green Information Sheet:  In-Class (Week 1)

“Who Am I?” Essay:  (Begin in class Jan 27, Due Feb 3)

Major Calendar of Tests, Quizzes, and Essays from all your syllabi:   (Due Feb 3)

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