Finding a Blog State-of-Mind

ToriandCarolFor someone who is very private, blogging seems like a high-risk activity.  The public nature of blogging scares me–writing has mostly been a personal activity for me.  Twitter is a great tool because the text is short and has a ephemeral feel to it. Tweets fly by.  But blogging, with its preference for 1200-1500 words, creates in the writer a pressure for thoughtful, well-researched posts, or, at the very least, for posts with interesting descriptions of personal experiences (along with photos).  I find my students’ to be fearless blog writers with a willingness to share their ideas and an endless store of creativity.  I’m following their lead, learning to be fearless, to share, and to unleash my creativity.  Thank you, MCO 2342 students, both present and past!

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