ASE 1111 – Spring ’13

Course Description

This course is designed to help you succeed as a college student. We will address issues related to the successful transition from high school to the university, campus resources, college-level study skills, time management, interdependence, goal-setting, multiple intelligences, and other issues relevant to your journey as a college student. We will engage in collaborative learning activities, reading and class discussion, field investigations, writing, reflection, and presentation. Our objective is to use this class to stay on track and directed on a path toward graduation and self-worth.

Syllabus and Callendar:

Archived from Spring 2013___________________________________________

 ASE 1111 08 CJG Sp2013    AND     ASE 1111 09 CJG Sp2013

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Campus Resource Game:  Due January 30th ASE 1111 Assign 2 Campus Resource Game

Group Presentations:  ASE 1111 Group Presentations SP 2013     DUE:   FEB 27

Professor Interview:  ASE 1111 Professor Interview Assignment   DUE:  FEB 25