ENG 1301-LCC

Get ready for an exploration of pop culture’s co-opting and re-writing of the sacred (those holy items, icons, or ceremonies that are most associated with religious worship and life) and what impact that has on us individually and as a culture.  We will explore, research, write, and discuss how Pop Culture uses the Sacred to entertain, market, and influence its consumers by critically reading/ viewing/ exploring short articles and artifacts about family, advertising, malls, the military, and youth culture.  In addition to your texts, we will explore short videos, rap, film, websites, wiki’s, television series, and FaceBook–all the various places Pop Culture and the Sacred intersect with our lives.

Additionally, we will explore ceremony in relation to the military experience.  We will have an opportunity to interview and create news stories and visual stories about military veterans in our families and our community—and explore issues related to pop culture and the military experience in America.

Dr CGJ ENG1301 LCC-SYLLABUS-Fall 2012-Revised