Annotated Bibliography – Tweet Your Topic

Hi (Journalism/PR) Students:

Your annotated bibliography provides you with an opportunity to explore interesting issues typically covered by professional journalists.  Using various data bases, texts, and visual media, you will build a body of knowledge to support subsequent course projects, like your Zeega project and print news report.  Please reply to this blog post with information about your topic.  Do not forget to tweet your topic to #mcotxwes so that your fellow student colleagues can tweet any cool info they find on twitter to our hashtag (#mcotxwes) or to your personal twitter handle.  Write & Research On!


  1. My topic is drugs in sports and how players from the super bowl will be missing from smoking marijuana even though the states those two teams are from have legalized it. I will give my opinion on what is right or wrong and whose to blame for this situation.

  2. I decided to research my topic because I follow the local sheriffs department from where I am from on Facebook and one day they posted the scene of an automobile accident where the driver had died. It was horrible looking. The driver was an elderly lady thought to have had a heart attack or other medical problem. She drove off of the road and head on into a tree. My first thought was that if it were my grandmom and I saw that photo on Facebook it would really hurt me. Then I read the comments on the photo and many of the people were saying it was insensitive. I thought this was an interesting topic to research in regards to the ethics of journalism. I have found a lot of sources so far that look to be promising!

  3. I’ve decided to find things under the topic of “Planned community events and announcements” I want to research a topic that is very close to my career background that will allow for me to do a few things for sure. I want to be able to impact the lives of those around me while impacting my own life. I want to do something that will motivate me to become a better person while motivating others to become better people for themselves, their families, and their community as well. I want to change community culture so with choosing the topic “Planned community events and announcements” I’m sure it will teach me where to start and how to apply to my life and my future career. I feel very strongly that my topic is current, very significant, and very much needed. I will continue to look for sources that will inform me on how to create community events and how to change the culture of many communities and beyond. So I’m nervous and I also hope that I understand the assignment 🙂

  4. I’ve decided to do my topic on “GMO and Health Risks”. In June of 2014, I became a vegetarian and I’ve noticed an alarming amount of things happen to my body right away. This sudden change in my body led me to research more about the foods we consume on a daily basis.
    Shockingly, the United States is one of the developed countries that does not have a strict regulation on the selling of GMOs to the public. While research has been done about the possible health risks associated with consuming GMOs, nothing major has been done.
    Anywho! Enough of the depressing. I chose to do GMO associated health risks because from an consumer standpoint, I believe that the public deserves the right to decide if they want to buy products that are potentially harmful, similar to smoking.
    I’m super excited!

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