My Hope for My Students

Here, at the beginning of this semester, my hope for my students is that they begin to feel the urgent need to learn, not only their academic content, but more about national and global issues.   I hope the use of Twitter in the classroom helps to connect them to the BBC, CNN, The Daily Show, and other news outlets.   My intent is to use Twitter to engage them in the world of ideas and connect them to the key people discussing those ideas–so that my students actively participate in the conversations that will define their futures. 

Twitter Violation

Yesterday, Twitter sent me a message about my account saying it might have been “hacked.”  It was hacked!  And it was hacked by someone who sent nasty-mean messages to all my followers.   One of my followers sent me a message saying she had received a rude message, and that I might want to change my password (she could tell it wasn’t me!).  This whole experience upset me.  I’ve never been hacked before.  I hated seeing my picture next to a nasty or mean message.  I sent a message to all my followers apologizing and explaining the situation.  My Twitter account seems to be stable now, so I will move forward with using this communication medium–but with great caution.  AND–I have received messages from others saying their accounts have also been hacked–so this is a social media we must monitor regularly.

Welcome Students!

As I begin the fall 2013 semester, I do so with much excitement and joy!  This will be my first semester to integrate Twitter in my courses, and I am excited to see what kind of research and communication tool it becomes for all of us.  Please join me by bringing your many talents with technology, your spirit of adventure, and your critical-thinking skills.   We are going on a wonderful journey together as researchers, writers, speakers–and thinkers!