SPC 1301 Assignments

Key informational links and course assignments for SPC 1301 LCA (SP 2013) are listed below:

SPC 1301-LCA Five Domains for Research-Major Assignments – SP 2013

STUDENT INFO ASSIGNMENT:  SPC 1301 Student Information Sheet – SP2013

Self Concept Exercise: SPC 1301-LCA – SELF CONCEPT DEFINED

Project #1–Part A:  Speech of Introduction: SPC 1301 – Speech of Introduction – SP 2013
Project #1–Part A:  Speech of Introduction Grading Criteria:  SPC 1301 Speech of Introduction RUBRIC – SP2013

Project #1–Part B:  Elevator Speech: SPC1301-ElevatorSpeech-SP2013
Project #1–Part B:  Elevator Speech Grading Criteria: Elevator Speech Rubric

Project #2, Poetry Interpretive (Remix): SPC1301-Interpretive Poetry Reading-SP2013

Project #3, Informational Panel Presentation: SPC1301-LCA-PanelPresentationAssignment-2013     Assignment Packet:  Informative Speech Packet

Project #4, Speaking to Persuade:  SPC 1301 Speaking to Persuade Assignment SP2013    Be sure to read Section 7 of your textbook.   Especially, please read the sample outline on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”–this is the kind of outline expected for this assignment.   DUE:  Monday, March 18,  your speech outline.  DUE:  Monday, March 25, your speech & powerpoint presentation.

Project #5:  Listening, Reading Body Language, Reading Facial Cues:  In-Class QUIZ

Project #6:  Pecha Kucha (Colaborative Final with ENG 1302): Pecha Kucha Collab 2013  FINAL:  May 3, 2013, 10:30 a.m.,  Classroom NEXT